The Colossus of Heggem is located near a mine where the people who live in its light, work for a living awaiting for Heggem's next migration.

The Colossus of Adamina has yet to suffer attacks from the Marred as the strong and radiant light emitted from the Colossus, is enough to disperse the black fog and Sendril, providing refuge for survivors.

Terrance and Norwood met the survivors of Adamia who happened to be all women. There under the light of the Colossus, they greeted the newborns of the people, the new blood.

Even the Colossi who are all but considered immortal, will one day fall...

The Forest of Katib continues to thrive with a wide range of interesting and mystical creatures.
So much so that the Forest resembled a land of Fairytales, hiding numerous secrets under its canopy.

The so-called 'Deer' in Katib Forest while very elegant looking bu nature, are also incredibly dangerous.
While their shimmering antlers may be a sight to behold for most, rumors say that viewing them could cost you your sanity.

Edith is a land without a Colossus, having lost it some time ago. However, the town remains along with the constant and perilous danger of the Sendril.
The Demiurge reside here knowing they'll be facing threats of contamination every day.

The Church located in the Blessedland is the center of power in Solas. It has the strongest light of all the Colossi even went put all together.

The Holy Sword of the Chruch that only the Pope can wield. According to legends of old, the Holy Sword can purge the Sendril.