Ore Shell

Children born in Heggem have to work in the mines as soon as they are able to carry loads of ore.
At some point, as they got older, they developed a hard shell on their backs which no one could remove.

Non-Existent Boots

There was once a Courier who became a resident of Exilium after being exiled. The boots he wears are magical, allowing him to walk as silently as a cat.
Nobody knows his name, nobody remembers when he came to Exilium or when he departed. All that remains of him, are his boots.

The Guilt Mirror

The Noble ladies in the Blessedland value their faces so much that they still take mirrors with them after being corrupted.
However, their faces are beyond recognition and most likely due to the mercy of God, they still retain their original beauty when viewed in the mirror.

Knight Axe

The Warriors are the Elite of the Knights and the axes in their hands are designed by the Great Craftsman Israel.
Warriors are often sent across the continent as Pioneers. It is said that some warriors have become marred monsters when they reach their destinations, as such those places are full of nightmares.

Tristram's Mercy

The Holy Sword that has been passed down from generation to generation within the Church has been kept at the Altar of the Three Sanctuaries in the Blessedland.
Legends have it that the Holy Sword purges the Sendril as only the Pope can wield it, it’s a testament of the Lord through the Pope.

Brass Ring of Handel

Handel was a hero who helped establish the Blessedland and also the person first infected. In order to prevent the spread of the Sendrils in the Blessedland, he voluntarily became an exile and led his subordinates into the dark mist.
They guard the Blessedland silently and this is one of the tales of how Couriers came to be.

Demiurge's Will

In the endless darkness, the Demiurges forgot about light and time. There is only one thing rooted in their memory: Hatred.
This Will of the Demiurge is so strong that those who are not of them are affected by it and become part of its will.
That is the power given to Demiurges by the darkness.