Challenge the Darkness: Pascal's Wager Gets a New Trailer!


Hardcore mobile action-RPG Pascal's Wager brings a new trailer to E3, showing off new locales, enemies, and the combat techniques of a new character!


Take a deeper look into the dark fantasy world of Pascal's Wager!

In the latest trailer for Pascal's Wager, revealed at E3 2019, we get a glimpse of a vast, exquisite Gothic nightmare of a landscape.

Players get to explore from the lowlands to a tower on a distant hill and across a waterfall, all while searching for hidden treasure on out-of-the-way paths. This new area brings new danger, with a greater variety of enemies, including armored knights, gorgeous court dancers, mutated animals, and even horrors of science gone awry.

The latest trailer also gives us a better look at our main characters' fighting abilities. Previous trailers have revealed stalwart swordsman Terrence and agile gunner Viola, and this new trailer reveals the mysterious Norwood. Armed with an Iron Maiden--a massive medieval torture implement--Norwood fights the darkness in his own frightening way. With the addition of Norwood to the cast, players have even more choices to experiment and find the best tag-team pair to bring into battle.

Pascal's Wager: Seeking the truth in a world with neither light nor dark

The sun has sunk into the sea. Creatures like Heggem carry Light, and have become colonies for Disciples. Pascal's Wager will drag players into a great, dark age. Humans are scattered across the world, subsisting on the light provided by the few remaining ancient giants. The increasingly harsh living conditions distort people and drive them mad. The church, the court, fanatical forces of science--all of them are at odds, and ordinary people are caught in the middle. In order to uncover the ultimate secret of Pascal's Wager, those who challenge the darkness may not be able to step back into the light.


About Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager is a dark fantasy action-RPG, maximizing Unity 3D engine technology to create a next-gen title on mobile. From visuals to controls, the developers set out to make a console-quality title for mobile devices, with a rich symphonic soundtrack bringing life to the game. Pascal's Wager uses real-time rendering for cutscenes and has full voice acting to build a large and lived-in world. There are incredible sights, but also touching, human stories.