The Masked One, The Faithfully Devoted


The Masked One, The Faithfully Devoted


Pascal's Wager is a dark and richly detailed Action Role-Playing game coming to Mobile platforms.

Players can experience it for the first time this January 16th, 2020 on iOS devices via the App Store.

Players will take on the role of multiple characters in their adventure through a World shrouded in darkness and seeking out the light found only in truth.

Today we take a look at two new characters who you'll encounter while exploring the dark World of Pascal's Wager. 


Norwood is an eccentric character who wears a golden mask that always shows a smile regardless of his true intentions.

Besides Norwood's identifiable characteristic mask, he carries a mysterious coffin that is further highlighted by the fact he only has one arm which is more than enough for him to take on any Marred. 

Terrance while in Adamina, is put into a perilous situation until Norwood comes to his rescue and with an offer to join him on his travels.

Terrance is not wholly trusting of Norwood as one should always be cautious in this dark World and especially so of one who hides behind a mask.


Norwood's fighting style is one that utilizes his heavily armored arm that allows him to deliver a combo of devastating blows which crush his foes into submission.


Norwood also gathers ‘griminess’ during battle which in turn weakens the seal on the coffin he carries.

Once this seal is lifted, Norwood is able to unleash his true power, which is as horrific as it is destructive.



Benita serves dual roles within the Church, the first is spreading the teachings of belief as a Nun and the other is serving as Inquisitor, seeking out and destroying the foes of the Church.

Wielding her holy weapon, Benita's goal is to cleanse the darkness as eventually everything is corrupted by the Sendril.

In Benita's quest for this, she has paid deeply by losing her own sight which matters not to her, as the World she has always seen is one without light.



Benita's weapon, called the ‘Holy Purifier,’ takes on the appearance of a skeletal rod at its base with an extension that allows it to be wielded as a powerful whip.

One of the key characteristics of this holy weapon allows it to absorb and purify the blood of those that encounter it, including Benita herself.

The blood (which you can see stored in the container she carries on her back) allows her to pull off some uniquely devastating moves that tear all foes asunder.



In conjunction with the bottle that stores the purified blood, Benita also has one that stores various potions.

For those of the Church, the use of potions is pure taboo but a necessary violation for Benita due to the difficult task she must perform.



Pascal's Wager is currently available for Preorder in the App Store and stay tuned for more as this is just a glimpse into an

incredible World you won't want to miss!