Devices, Operation, and Difficulty


Device Requirement:


iPhone 6s and above


iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro


The device must have at least 2GB RAM or more.



System Requirements: 


iOS 9 or later. 



Difficulty Options:


Getting the ‘Egg of the Bearer' in the first Chapter of Heggem will give you a few boosts that will help reduce the difficulty of the game. 


Check the Statue of Bearer in the mine of Heggem,you will get the Egg of the Bearer.




Download Problem:


When downloading the game if you have any issues such as unable to download or fail to install, please try to again.


If you still have any issues, please contact us via any of our Social Channels!



Controller Support:


Operating System must be updated to iOS13 or iPadOS13 and above.


We support any controller that is supported by Apple which includes Sony Playstation Dualshock 4, Microsoft Xbox Wireless Controllers (Model 1708) and MFi (Made for Apple) Bluetooth Wireless Controllers.




Camera Sensitivity:


You can adjust the Camera sensitivity in the settings menu under the 'Controls' tab. 




Cloud Saving:


1) Operating System must be updated to iOS13 or iPadOS13 and above.


2) When using the 'Sign in with Apple' option in the 'Save Data' tab in the settings menu, you will be able to utilize your Cloud Saves. There you can then manually synchronize and manage your save data to the Cloud.


3) You can download your saves on multiple devices and then be able to continue playing from your previous save point. 




Sign in with Apple:


Some couriers may meet the problem with login with Apple, we have fixed it and will update in the latest version.



For any other questions or concerns, please contact our Team !


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