「Deep into the Dark Mist」will release on the 29th of May. As a special sale via the Apple App Store, the Base Game will be reduced to 3.99USD for a limited time!


Venture Deep into the Dark Mist!


Greetings, Couriers! The Major Content Expansion “Deep into the Dark Mist” will be launching on the 29th of May. 

“Deep into the Dark Mist” is a brand-new game mode for Pascal’s Wager. After finishing the Katib Chapter, players will be able to purchase the Mist lamp from Glenn's Owl in the Carriage to venture forth on this new adventure. For players that have already started over in New Game+, you can buy the Mist lamp from Glenn's Owl immediately. 


Within this new journey, players will brave the Dark Mist in its truest form but at great risks to themselves. You may lose your sanity, enter unfamiliar maps, face terrifying enemie, all the while seeking out the treasures and secrets contained in this suffocating fog. 


Deep into the Dark Mist brings many new features!


Sealed Treasure Chests:

Hidden throughout the maps of the Dark Mist expansion you may find some very tantalizing treasure chests. Heed this warning, open it rashly and you may find yourself fighting for your life. 

The Phantom Vase:

Players who encounter this mysterious Vase may be eager to reap the benefits from its use, the ability to summon a Phantom Companion. However, they may not always be on your side…

As you venture inside the Dark Mist, the constant fight for survival will maintain your sanity while building up your Obsession gauge . When the gauge is full you will come face to face with a Terror Obsession you have faced previously on your journey. 

It is by defeating this Terror Obsession that you are able to escape the Dark Mist as well as claim your special Trophy. 

Are you brave enough to find the treasures held within the Dark Mist? 


A Limited Time promotion starts on May 29th!


For a limited time, Pascal's Wager will go on sale beginning on the 29th of May. The cost of the base game will be reduced to just $3.99USD!

Players who buy Pascal's Wager at the special price of $3.99 can purchase the following additional DLC.


Heroic Herald Outfit for Terrence, Price: $0.99USD

Deep into the Dark Mist, Price: $0.99USD

For players who have purchased Pascal's Wager at full price, you'll be receiving the Deep into the Dark Mist DLC for free!

What's in store for Pascal's Wager


Included with the Deep into the Dark Mist DLC, new bosses will be added!
Android Launch!
The Tides of Oblivion Expansion!
And much more!

Thank you for the love and support everyone has shown us, the adventure is far from over. Stay tuned!