Notice Regarding “The Tides of Oblivion” DLC


Thanks for your support during our recent beta test! We have received a lot of feedback from both Android and iOS players.

We know that many couriers are looking forward to the expansion DLC “The Tides of Oblivion”. 


It will be released later this summer, and we will announce the exact release date soon.


Due to the influence of various factors, the development progress was slowed greatly. As such, we’ve decided to postpone the release date of “The Tides of Oblivion” because we wanted to add more new and challenging content to the biggest DLC yet for Pascal’s Wager.


Compared with the base game, “The Tides of Oblivion” will have a so much to offer. While you wait for the DLC to launch, here are some deeper details to whet your appetite:


A new character named Jerold has a whole new system of moves that's completely different in terms of fighting method and styles from the existing characters -- at one point we thought he was going to upset the balance of the game. We think you’re going to love him.


In addition, there are many new enemies and new bosses in the expansion, including hidden bosses ready to meet you on the battlefield.


In the DLC “The Tides of Oblivion”, we hope to bring the new mysteries and stories which we wanted to tell but didn’t have time to put into the base game.


Please stay tuned for the release of “The Tides of Oblivion”, Coming soon!


We appreciate your support!