The latest expansion ‘The Tides of Oblivion’
will be released on the 20th of August!

Dear Couriers,
You are invited by the Swordsman Jerold to visit
a forgotten world from beyond the waves, The Blasted Lands of Ichthyosauria.
Reveal the dusty memories of this realm and meet your destiny!

The Original Expedition of the Couriers
The Tides of Oblivion

The Main Features for The Tides of Oblivion!
• Expanded story and history of the World!
• A new playable character, The Swordsman Jerold!
• A vast new area to explore which is full of hidden treasure. It’s bigger than the base game!
• Numerous new monsters and enemies to battle against!
• A wide range of new trophies and items that switch up the gameplay!