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  • A Dark World,A Fallen Sun

    Colossus,The Walking 'Gods'

    According to legends,

    the Colossus appeared after the Sun was lost,

    plunging the World into the darkness of the Sendril.

    The Colossi walk on the land, emit the light that disperses the Dark Fog

    As these ‘Gods’ walk,

    And in order to survive, People must follow the Colossi.

    Which is why they are revered as Gods in a World without Light.

    M O R E
  • The Original Expedition of the Couriers – The Tides of Oblivion


    The Exotic Land sleeping deep in the Ocean,

    Haunting memories of years past yet to be revealed,

    A river of souls brings eternal serenity,

    The fate of the Curse long forgotten.

    M O R E


The Soul of Obsession carrying the will of all Demiurges has been summoned to Solas again, and it's here for revenge!

The plan to overthrow the Church has failed, and Vaillant is still missing... Elena, who had lost everything, followed a mysterious voice back to Solas.

Her silver blades tear through the boundaries of life and death, and the never-ending dance of revenge is about to begin once again.


Jerold, a Swordsman from beyond the waves, came to the land of Solas on a quest to save his home. A home that’s trapped in a strange dream as well as to seek out the Scarlet Meteor

Jerold is able to use the power of the Sendril to enhance his unique swordsmanship, a power that can be both a gift and a curse.


Terrence is a Courier, banished by the Church for transgressions he must atone for.

By seemingly accident, Terrence has found clues of an affliction related to the Colossus but also that his long-lost wife Teresa, could be involved.

Terrence has set off on a journey to not only unravel this mystery but to also find his wife Teresa, who disappeared into the Black Fog long ago...


Viola is another character player's will journey with as she joins Terrence in his quest for answers.

Viola's story is filled with mystery and intrigue claiming to be exiled by the Church.

Even to Terrence, who saved her life from the Sendril, she has never revealed who she truly is.


Norwood rescues Terrence in Adamina, but Terrance is not wholly trusting of Norwood as one should always be cautious in this Dark World and especially so of one who hides behind a mask.

Norwood only has one arm which is more than enough for him to take on any Marred.


Benita is the only friend of Terrence in Blessland, She serves as a Nun to spread the teachings of belief and seek out and destroy the foes of the Church.

In order to save her friends, she has paid deeply by losing her own sight which matters not to her, as the World she has always seen is one without light.


Staying rational is the rule
for living in the Dark Fog.


The mysterious Black Fog is
referred to as the 'Sendril'.


Grace from the Dark