Update_iOS Ver.1.7.5


The iOS version will receive an update on May 14th. 



  • Improved parry and counterattack logic during the final boss encounter.
  • Widened parry/counterattack window for Terrence.
  • Increased movement speed of Terrence and Norwood when locking onto enemies.
  • Increased the effectiveness of Terrence's "Knight's Tenacity" talent (heavy attacks are harder to interrupt).



  • Standardized Health Potion capacity upgrade talent in European/LATAM languages.
  • Fixed an issue where the passive text on Chaos Silk is missing in European/LATAM languages.
  • Fixed Benita's talent "Elixir Research" to correctly state its blessing related effect in European/LATAM languages.
  • Benita's Elixir - Wind Breath now correctly states its effect of enhanced stamina regeneration instead of health in European/LATAM languages.
  • Various Russian dialogue improvements (special thanks to iia on the Discord!).



  • Fixed an issue causing certain locations to become inaccessible by jumping down from higher positions.
  • Fixed an issue causing Viola's followed up attack after a Light Combo to miss enemies occasionally.
  • Fixed several special effect issues.