New Boss Added in the Deep into the Dark Mist DLC


App Store – version 1.3.2
Google Play – version.0.3.9
TapTap – version.1.0.14



【Updates & Adjustments】


A New Boss has been added into the Deep into the Dark Mist DLC. Players can face off with this boss after defeating all of the  Bosses in the Dark Mist Cave.
Improved the accumulation efficiency of the Obsession Gauge.
Removed Critical Strike effect on Norwood’s Skills, Soul Shackling Eddy and Soul Shackling Eddy: Elapse.


【Bug fixes】


 Fixed a bug where Benita's whip attacks would inflict damage upon herself if an enemy attack hit the whip.
 Fixed an issue where Viola would be unable to hit an enemy using Counter Attack while Special Bullets were equipped. 
 Miscellaneous Bugs and Optimization.