Notice Regarding Google Play Login authentication


1. We've changed the authentication process and login method of Pascal's Wager based on Player Feedback to be at the beginning of the game. 
This is to ensure a smoother experience overall!
You'll be required to log in with either Google Play, Facebook or play as a Guest.

2. If you have lost access to your DLC or Outfit after entering the game through the new login method, please contact Customer Service with your Game ID and provide Purchase Receipts so we can re-issue them to you asap.
3. In regards to the process of moving Cloud Saves. If you've logged into the game with Facebook or Google Play and have uploaded your save to the cloud previously, please follow the following steps:
- Log in to the game with your old account.
-Switch your account by going to the Cloud Save section of the Settings Menu.
-Upload the Cloud Save so that your existing Archive is tied to your current account.

Thank you for your continued support and passion for Pascal's Wager!
We are constantly striving to improve the game experience for all of our fans. 
If you encounter any issues or have feedback, please contact us at the following links.

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