V1.5.5 Update Notice


V1.5.5 Update Notice

The iOS version will receive an update on September 17th. This update includes optimizations, bug fixes and game balancing. Please stay tuned for more information regarding Google and TapTap.

Bugs and Issues Fixed:

●    Fixed a bug where [Delicate Invitation] could not be used in  [New Journey]
●    Jerold's [Sendril Ordeal] skill has been adjusted to block most poison and shadow attacks. Also added audio effects and visuals for successful blocks.
●    Fixed a bug where Jerold's skill [Sendril's Arrival: Brier] would not keep Rage when successfully used. 
●    Fixed issues with Jerold's skill [Utl Evasion] and Norwood's skill [Coffin of Chained Soul: Intercepting] would not trigger correctly. 
●    Fixed a bug where Jerold would float in the air under certain circumstances.
●    Fixed the issue where Guderian the Guardian can be executed from behind which was not intended.
●    Fixed the issue in which Guderian the Guarding can be injured twice when executed.
●    Fixed the issue with the final Boss in the ‘Deep into the Dark Mist’ DLC where the charged final move would do no damage in certain situations. 
●    Fixed the issues in that characters can not enter into the Lunatic state during a Boss fight.
●    Fixed the issue in BOSS battles where characters would be able to recover to the Abnormal state from the Lunatic state.
●    Fixed the issue where some of the traps in Ichthyosauria would keep characters in place.
●    Other various minor bugs and glitches fixed.

●Fixed the issue that Jerold would still be attacked during execution.

Various Balancing, Tweaking and Adjustments:

●    Adjustment to the Soul River Water: Now it will also take effect on enemies in battle.
●    Increased the damage of Terrence's [Rising Slash] and made it easier to interrupt enemy movements. 
●    Increased the damage of Terrence's ability [Sanction]. 
●    Adjusted the block in proper timing of Terrence that it cannot be broken even if players don’t have enough stamina.
●    Adjusted Benita's [Whip of Monstrance: Inhibition] so that it interrupts enemy movements easier. 
●    Adjusted Benita's [Rhythm Attack] so that it interrupts enemy movements easier. 
●    Adjusted Norwood's [Shield of Griminess] to not break as easily even if the player doesn't have enough stamina. The amount of Griminess has been increased and stamina will recover by 30% upon a successful block. 
●    The amount of Griminess consumed by has been halved. A successful Interception halves Sendril Souls required.(The attack of Coffin of Chained Soul after a successful [Coffin of Chained Soul Interception] cost halfed amount of Griminess)
●    When using Norwood's [Coffin of Chained Soul]、[Furious Griminess]、[Liberate the Chained Soul: Revenge], the enemy's resilience is weakened more upon a successfully blocked attack.
●    When Norwood uses [Coffin of Chained Soul] to make 3 consecutive attacks, the rage gained on the second attack has been increased slightly, the rage gained on the third attack has been increased significantly. 
●    Optimized the hit detection for Norwood's [Furious Griminess] and [Liberate the Chained Soul: Revenge].
●    Increased the hit recovery time of enemy after using Norwood's [Furious Griminess] and successfully interrupting their attack. 
●    Norwood can make an evasive action earlier after using [Chained Soul: Whirlpool].
●    The [Sendril's Arrival ] of Jerold has a shorter duration now.
●    Increased the damage of Jerold’s [Soul Sword: Finale], meanwhile, it also becomes easier to Interrupt the enemy’s movements.
●    Add the avoidance performance of Jerold’s [Soul Sword: Esquive ], and it can now trigger the Utl Evasion.
●    After the usage of [Sendril's Arrival: Brier] and Jerold blocks the enemy successfully, the enemy's  hit recovering time is increased.
●    The steering performance of various actions is optimized for both Guderian the Guardian and the First Fallen: Handel.
●    The anti-attack aspect of the Guderian the Guardian attacks are slightly improved.
●    When Treasure Thieves under the attack and hit recovery appears, the hit recovery time becomes longer.
●    The scavenger's charging attack is now adjusted to be less easily interrupted.
●    The heretical Judge of the Church, part of The lance knight’s of Isizoah, is now able to see the enemy behind them.
●    Adjusted to show only integers/whole numbers with the damage value displayed by a trophy.